New Home Builders Holsworthy

New Home Builders Holsworthy

What kind of luxury home do you dream about, and where would you want it to be?  As home builder Holsworthy experts, Champion Homes is making it possible for ordinary people to own luxury homes in prime locations such as Holsworthy.  While luxury homes were out of reach for many people in the past, innovative home sale packages have made these premium homes more affordable. These packages come with a big plus; you can customise your home’s design to suit your needs and lifestyle.  Champion Homes has taken away the paperwork headache that came with the old way of doing things.  

Holsworthy has one of the most promising property markets in Australia presently.  A luxury home in this suburb would be a very good investment whether you are an aspiring homeowner or a real estate investor. Champion Homes are house builders Holsworthy experts who can help you achieve your goals.

???? What kind of houses are available?

  • Single Storey
  • Double Storey
  • Dual Occupancy
  • Granny Flat
  • Knockdown rebuilds

???? How does it work?

The process of building a luxury home is very simplified, making it convenient for new home builders Holsworthy to make property purchases easily;

  • Step 1: Pick a spot where you want the house to stand.  Holsworthy as a whole is a prime suburb, but you can narrow down to views you want, social amenities you would like to be close to, or people you would like as neighbours 
  • Step 2: Choose a house design. There are hundreds of house designs you can choose from depending on your family’s needs.  We have made it possible to take virtual tours of various display houses and get inspirations for finishes, interior décor, fittings, furnishing, and appliances 
  • Step 3: Customise your home’s design. You can change the basic design you choose to suit your tastes and preferences.  You can pick from different designs like single storey, double storey, duplex, home and granny flat, and others. You can change almost everything except the basic structure. Tweak exterior wall finishes, interior finishes, and colours.  Fittings like shower taps and drawer handles can also be changed.  Our custom home builders Holsworthy options are unlimited.
  • Step 4: Tender acceptance.  The final price is calculated based on the tweaks you have done to the design.   You make a purchase decision if the tender quote fits your budget, or rework the designs to fit.

???? What if I want to change my present house?

We do knockdown rebuilds for Holsworthy homes to replace outdated homes in exchange for a modern luxury house design that fits your current status.

???? Why choose Champion Homes?

We are licensed home builders Holsworthy experts with the experience to make your luxury home purchase a success. We have helped hundreds of aspiring homeowners get their dream homes. We can do the same for you.

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