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Best Decorating Buys For New Homes

14/08/2019 . By Champion Homes

Here are some great ideas for furnishing your home when saving money and splurging a little.

Creature Comforts

Budget Friendly: Throw pillows are a great way to bring any room together as they can sport versatile designs and colors. When adding another pillow to your bed or needing something to rest your head on, this DIY pillow is cute and practical. Plus, everyone can appreciate the sentiment of “let’s stay in bed.”

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Mid-Range Option: Get the perfect blanket for snuggling at a bargain price with the Khloe Knitted Throw. Curl up with a good book under this soft throw or use it as decoration at the foot of your bed or over the back of a couch. There are several color options to match with any room.

Splurge: These super chunky knit blankets are the ultimate in decadent comfort. While you could hoard this ultra-cozy covering in your bedroom, it’s also a great piece for a living room because each blanket is hand-made and one of a kind. You can select the merino wool blanket you like the best or have one made custom for you.

And if you like the idea of decorating with fabric you can lash out with some gorgeous hand painted designs.

Practical Pursuits

Bar Cart

Budget Friendly: For a cute way to welcome guests into your home and keep your floor dry, try the “Hooray you’re here!” doormat. This Room Essentials mat is made of durable material and has a backing that resists mildew.

Mid-Range Option: This beautiful and elegant copper coffee maker is a French press. Not only does it add sophistication and style to any kitchen, it makes eight cups at a time and the carafe is dishwasher safe.

Splurge: Sleek and streamlined, an attractive bar cart can house your finest libations while still being compact enough to fit in a small space. The gold metal frame adds class while the sturdy wood shelves have ample storage space. The car maneuvers easily and is a crowd pleaser at parties.

Art Pieces

Hand Painted Fabric

Budget Friendly: Interesting and affordable wall art doesn’t need to be expensive.  Explore Modern Wall Art Oil Painting. There are several options that offer engaging prints and vibrant colors, and these paintings can work in a living room, office, bedroom or hallway.

Mid-Range: Bring nature into your home without worrying about leaves falling on the floor with this artistic tree decor. The Stratton metal tree offers cool colors and a contemporary design. This is a great way to add flair to a blank wall without taking away from the overall effect of the room.

Splurge: Investing in an original artwork from an emerging Australian artist is eye-catching and inviting. The silver metal leaves pop and create a unique effect on a black metal background. This artwork is great for a dining room or elegant sitting room.

Regardless of your budget, these ideas let you get something neat for your new house. For more tips, contact us today.

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