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Building a Duplex on a narrow lot – can it be done? 

07/06/2022 . By Champion Homes

Champion Homes is renowned for its innovative and creative approach to building homes. We’re always looking for practical solutions that will excite our clients and produce beautiful, flexible, affordable living spaces to suit any plot size and shape. 

A duplex house is essentially two homes on one lot, offering flexible ownership and design options to maximise space and earning potential. Duplexes exist as a single residential building that contains two residential homes. As with all types of homes, duplex house plans and prices can vary depending on where you want to build and what style or options you choose, but the flexibility in the ownership of duplex homes will undoubtedly maximise the value of your narrow lot and present opportunities to earn a passive income. 

The versatility of modern duplex designs makes them an ideal choice for a homeowner or investor looking to maximise the value of a narrow lot. Duplex plans can either show two dwellings side by side, like a townhouse, or stacked dwellings with an upper and lower level, like an apartment.  

Champion Homes has extensive experience in designing and building duplex homes for narrow blocks. We have many duplex design options with different floor plans and layout options, including creative architectural features, functional storage solutions, and top-quality, high-end fixtures and fittings that come as standard when you build with Champion Homes.  

So, whether it’s a single storey or double-storey duplex design you’re looking to build on your narrow lot, the Champion Homes team is sure to have the solution for you. Our modern duplex designs, all available to view at our dedicated duplex showroom in Sydney, can be customised to suit your taste and your lifestyle. 

The benefits of building a duplex on a narrow lot: 

A duplex build is an innovative way to maximise a narrow lot’s value; it’s a property with the potential to yield two incomes, so a duplex home will potentially double the return on investment as opposed to what the potential value would be if you opted to only build a single dwelling.   

Duplex design options make it possible to build on a narrow lot whilst maintaining the key elements of a duplex that make it a great investment option, i.e., two distinct living spaces with two separate entrances that can be rented out or sold off together or separately. And, despite the smaller square footage of a narrow plot, smart interior design elements and creative techniques can overcome most challenges associated with limited space to yield beautiful modern living spaces that are light, spacious, and practical. 

Whether you decide to rent or sell one of the duplex dwellings and stay in the other, or rent or sell both units, the narrow lot will generate additional income. These options can significantly increase the value of your property ownership whilst simultaneously reducing any financial strain.  

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The benefits of building a duplex on a narrow block of land with Champion Homes: 

Champion Homes offers a selection of narrow lot home designs, including duplex designs. Our approach is to create inspiring designs that take advantage of every inch of available space, resulting in a beautiful home that suits your requirements. 

Champion Homes emphasises attention to detail when designing and building duplexes on narrow blocks. Focussing on interior design and architectural elements like high ceilings and open spaces, and prioritising natural light can create distinctly open and spacious floor plans and practical layouts.

Champion Homes offers high quality inclusions for duplex homes

Champion Homes also offers: 

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced and dedicated duplex specialists. 

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