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Buying Land for Your New Home

25/08/2018 . By Champion Homes

What to Look for When Buying Land for Your New Home

A home is only as good as the land its built on, so if you’re thinking about buying land for your new home, you need to know what to look out for. 

Looking into building your dream home? You may want to start by buying a piece of land in your most convenient location.

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It’s everyone’s dream to own a block of land. However, finding the perfect spot comes with many challenges.

From easements and zoning restrictions to titles and environmental testings, you’re sure to get a headache.

But you don’t have to do it alone. Having the assistance of an industry professional can give you peace of mind. We’ve gathered the most important things for you to consider when buying land to avoid buyer’s remorse.

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1. Location

Location is, above everything else the most important factor to consider when buying land. And it’s not just about a perfect patch of real estate that gives you the most fabulous view of the ocean, or your favorite city.

You’ll need to take into account nearby amenities, neighborhood, traffic, security, and the potential for noise pollution, among other things.

For example, if you have children, an ideal land would have schools nearby. You also don’t want your home to be next to a highway or a rail track due to noise issues.

2. Zoning & Restrictions

It’s very important to know the restriction on the property before you commit to buy. Do your homework well to ensure you are not buying land in a community that has Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

Also, check with local authorities to determine zoning in the area where you want to buy land.

Most towns have zoning bylaws that regulate the kind of uses that are permitted on vacant lands. These laws dictate whether a block of land can be used for commercial, residential or industrial purposes.

3. Utilities

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Knowing exactly how you are going to get access to essential utilities is crucial. Before you commit to buy, find out how you are going to access the following utilities.

Also, note that it can be costly to bring telephone, electricity, and cable services to your property if the land is located very far away from the service provider or from other homes.

4. Soil Quality and Composition

The quality and composition of soil have an impact on how you build your home.

When building your house, soil composition can impact:

Make sure not to skip environmental tests. These tests can check the soil for contamination from previous use. For example, if your land is a former site for an industrial plant or gas station, it may have contaminated soil.

5. Safety From Natural Hazards

Natural hazards are inevitable, but some areas are more prone to natural disasters like floods than others.

For your safety, it’s important to buy land in an area that has no record of flooding. One way to avoid such hazards is by consulting resources such as Geoscience Australia.

Such resources can help you to identify potential flood zones and thus avoid buying property in those areas.

Wrapping Up on What to Look for When Buying Land

Careful investigation before buying land can make the difference between a wonderful experience and a less successful one.

If you’re considering building a new home or need advice on land packages, get in touch with us today. We’ll help you all the way from selecting the optimal land to finding the perfect home designs and building your dream home.

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