Category Archives: Building Tips

Category Archives: Building Tips

16/08/2022 . by Champion Homes

Knock down Rebuild Specialists

5 Things Customers Should Look for While doing knockdown rebuild. Knock down rebuilds offer customers the ideal...

10/06/2022 . by Champion Homes

Knockdown Rebuild Costs: What to Plan for?

Do you love where you live, but your current house is just not fit-for-purpose anymore? What if...

20/05/2022 . by Champion Homes

Buying an Existing Home vs. Building a New Home 

Many of us dream of owning our own home, whether it’s a period property in an old...

12/05/2022 . by Champion Homes

The Best Places to Buy a First Home 

This is an exciting time to get involved in Australia’s buoyant housing market. There are innovative ways...

12/05/2022 . by Champion Homes

Building a New Home on a Narrow Block 

Champion Homes Brings you Beautiful and Perfectly Proportioned Narrow Block House Designs. Narrow blocks provide a unique...

12/05/2022 . by Champion Homes

Can I build a Duplex on a Corner Block? 

Champion Homes Brings you Modern Corner Block Duplex Designs For your Dream Home. Building a duplex on a...

12/05/2022 . by Champion Homes

Modern Duplex Designs to Suit Your Lot and Your Pocket

Sydney boasts a remarkably healthy and buoyant housing market with ever-increasing property prices. So investing in a...

12/05/2022 . by Champion Homes

The Benefits of Building a New First Home 

Buying any home is a big investment, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, buying for a growing family,...

04/05/2022 . by Champion Homes

Thinking of Knocking Down Your Home? – What the specialists have to say

Love your street? Friendly neighbours? Great transport accessibility? And your children’s school is just around the corner!...

21/04/2022 . by Champion Homes

6 Reasons to Knock Down Rebuild Instead of Renovating

Whether you’ve outgrown your existing home, or perhaps have your eye on a particular suburb or street...

05/03/2022 . by Champion Homes

The Definitive Guide to Knock Down Rebuilds

When considering large-scale alterations to your home, a knock down rebuild might not be the first thing that...

28/02/2022 . by Champion Homes

5 Reasons Why You Should Knock Down and Rebuild Your Home

If you're thinking about buying a new house or performing major renovations, perhaps you could knock down...

02/01/2022 . by Champion Homes

Knocking Down Your House and Rebuilding: 5 Things You Need To Know

The rising costs of renovation have made knocking down one’s house and rebuilding a popular alternative for...

08/12/2021 . by Champion Homes

Build your dream home with the Champion Homes build for less offer

Are you a landowner? Are you looking to build the perfect home? Champion Homes is about to...

21/09/2021 . by Champion Homes

How to transform your space with a calming collection of colours?

Soft beiges, dove greys and warm whites - deciding on the right colour scheme can be both...

31/05/2021 . by Champion Homes

Build New or Buy Established?

Deciding to build property in a new estate or an established suburb is a personal choice that...

13/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

Things to Know Before Choosing Off-The-Plan House and Land Packages

Buying off-the-plan house and land packages involves signing a contract to purchase property that is yet to be built. Since there...

11/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

Some Steps to Remember During the Process of Buying Land and Building a House

Buying land and building a house is a complex process, and can be seriously overwhelming. However, choosing...

09/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

How long to build a duplex?

How Long to Build a Duplex? 4 Factors To Consider If you’re looking for a way to...

09/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

How Do House and Land Packages Work?

Buying a home can present a number of challenges, especially for those who have not yet experienced...

15/10/2020 . by Champion Homes

How much does it cost to build a duplex? – Factors to Consider

Of late, duplexes have begun to experience a surge in popularity. With a duplex home, you essentially get...

25/09/2020 . by Champion Homes

The Pros and Cons of Knock Down Rebuilds

The Pros and Cons of Knock-Down Rebuilds The prospect of finding a new home is always exciting....

30/07/2020 . by Champion Homes

Duplex Designs: 3 Factors You Should Consider Before Building a Duplex

Duplex Designs: 3 Factors to Consider Before Building a Duplex If you are keen on building a...

24/07/2020 . by Champion Homes

3 Factors That Can Influence The Cost of A Knock Down Rebuild

3 Factors That Can Influence Your Knock Down Rebuild Cost Have you and your family outgrown your...

23/07/2020 . by Champion Homes

What Is a Duplex? Everything You Need to Know

You’ve surely heard the term duplex before, most likely during your property search. But what is a...

16/07/2020 . by Champion Homes

5 Reasons Why First Home Buyers Should Consider House & Land Packages

If you’re a first home buyer, getting the house of your dreams can seem to be an...

13/07/2020 . by Champion Homes

What You Should Know About Capital Gains Tax on Knock Down Rebuilds

Capital gains tax (CGT) is applicable when you make a profit on the disposal of an asset....

22/05/2020 . by Champion Homes

3 Things to Remember When You Get Cheap Land and Home Packages

If looking to build or buy a home, we suggest that you consider checking out cheap house...

15/05/2020 . by Champion Homes

How to build a duplex on a narrow block

How the right duplex designs for narrow blocks can add value to your land. Cleverly-devised duplex designs...

08/05/2020 . by Champion Homes

Can You Knock Down Your House and Rebuild? 5 things you need to consider

To add more rooms to an existing structure or change the way a house is sectioned, the...

31/03/2020 . by Champion Homes

The Knockdown-Rebuild Process: All You Need to Know

Many people have begun to consider the knockdown-rebuild process as being more viable than a standard home renovation....

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Getting Toasty: Top Tips to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Australian winters aren't as cold as they are in other parts of the world. However, you still...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

How to Make a Narrow Lot Look Bigger

In Australia, the average home is about 186.3 square metres.  And many are built on narrow lots, so...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Knock Down Rebuild: 5 Planning Tips

5 Tips for Planning a Knock Down Rebuild Sometimes buying a new home or renovating an existing...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

The Benefits of Choosing a House and Land Package

The Benefits of Choosing a House and Land Package In the last decade and a half, Sydney...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Your Complete House Building Checklist

When it comes to building a new house, there are many benefits to consider. With a build-to-own...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Narrow Lot Home Benefits: 3 Perks of Owning Narrow Lot Homes

With land sizes getting smaller and smaller home buyers are worried. They're not sure if they can...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Single Storey vs Double Storey House: Which is Better for You?

Bigger is better is a commonly used trope, correlating size with value.  It's easy to apply this...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Corner Lot Homes: The Top 4 Benefits

Learn more about the benefits of choosing a corner lot home. If you haven't thought about why...

07/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Narrow Home Designs Without Compromise

Australia is the 6th largest nation in terms of land size. Therefore its not surprising that we...

25/08/2018 . by Champion Homes

Buying Land for Your New Home

What to Look for When Buying Land for Your New Home A home is only as good...

27/07/2018 . by Champion Homes

4 Tips for Building the Perfect Kitchen In Your New Home

4 Essential Kitchen Design Tips for Your New Home The kitchen is the heart of your home....

01/04/2018 . by Champion Homes

Paint Choices for Energy Efficiency

Paint Choices for Energy Efficiency When Building a Home in Sydney An energy efficient home can be...

14/03/2018 . by Champion Homes

6 Helpful Tips for Working With Your Home Builders

Building your own home is a big adventure you embark on with your builders. Together, you will...

28/02/2018 . by Champion Homes

Moving House Tips

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. Or, so they say....

25/11/2017 . by Champion Homes

Tips for the Knock Down Rebuild Process

The process of building a home is filled with decisions, from choosing a site to choosing the carpet. Add...

31/10/2017 . by Champion Homes

Should You Renovate or Rebuild? The Deciding Factors

So you've bought a "primo" piece of property with a not so "primo" fixer-upper on it, and...

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WHS Compliance Officer/Administraton

In this role you would be responsible for attending building sites and meeting with sub-contractors to ensure all paperwork is complete, in order, up-to-date and compliant as well as undertaking all associated administrative duties.

You would start and end the day in the office and have access to a company vehicle for site visits.  Our head office is located within proximity of M7/M5 junction, at Hoxton Park.

To be successful in this role you –

  • Have previous experience in a role involving Health & Safety
  • Ideally have had exposure to a construction/trade or similar background.
  • Are an excellent communicator, able to deal effectively with a wide range of people
  • Are comfortable with undertaking all associated administration including updating registers, updating and maintaining documentation etc.
  • Have excellent follow up skills.

If you have relevant skills and experience and would like to find out more about this opportunity, call Rachel Groth direct on 0417 237 748 or email