Category Archives: Duplex

Category Archives: Duplex

07/06/2022 . by Champion Homes

Building a Duplex on a narrow lot – can it be done? 

Champion Homes is renowned for its innovative and creative approach to building homes. We’re always looking for...

20/05/2022 . by Champion Homes

What’s included with your Champion duplex home?

Duplex homes and duplex home designs can be as unique as you and I. With customisable options,...

12/05/2022 . by Champion Homes

Modern Duplex Designs to Suit Your Lot and Your Pocket

Sydney boasts a remarkably healthy and buoyant housing market with ever-increasing property prices. So investing in a...

12/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

Is Building A Duplex A Good Investment?

Is Building a Duplex a Good Investment? 3 Benefits That Say It Is If property investment has...

09/11/2020 . by Champion Homes

How long to build a duplex?

How Long to Build a Duplex? 4 Factors To Consider If you’re looking for a way to...

15/10/2020 . by Champion Homes

How much does it cost to build a duplex? – Factors to Consider

Of late, duplexes have begun to experience a surge in popularity. With a duplex home, you essentially get...

07/10/2020 . by Champion Homes

Dual Income Property: 5 Factors to Consider Before You Invest

Dual income property has been a popular investment class in recent years. The unprecedented rise in property...

23/03/2020 . by Champion Homes

Building a Duplex for Beginners: 5 Things You Need to Get Started

Whether you’re looking for a multi-family home or investing in the lucrative world of real estate, the...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Building a Duplex

More and more Sydney residents and investors are looking to duplexes as great alternatives to conventional houses....

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

5 Reasons to Consider Duplex House Construction

Are you getting ready to build a new home on an empty lot? Or are wanting to...

29/11/2017 . by Champion Homes

One Block, Two Houses – Dual Occupancy

Dual Occupancy is two dwellings on a single allotment of land. In Sydney, most Councils will allow...

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