Category Archives: Inspiration

Category Archives: Inspiration

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

June 2019 Free Home and Garden Design Workshops

This June Oran Park Town is hosting a number of free home and garden workshops. Whether you're looking to...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Top Home Decor Trends of 2019

You can't turn on the television anymore without seeing the latest home décor trends show awaken your...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Decorating your New Home without Breaking the Bank

Congratulations! You've worked hard and have moved into the home of your dreams! Now that you've finished all...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Best Decorating Buys For New Homes

Here are some great ideas for furnishing your home when saving money and splurging a little. Creature...

14/08/2019 . by Champion Homes

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas to Consider for Your New Home

Creating the perfect bathroom for your new home takes a fine attention to detail.  Use our tips...

26/07/2018 . by Champion Homes

4 Tips for Decorating an Awesome Kids’ Bedroom

The way you design and decorate your home can influence your mood and concentration. For children's bedrooms, there is...

02/04/2018 . by Champion Homes

Make Your Home an Entertainer’s Paradise

Entertaining friends and family is part of Australian culture, and there’s nothing better than hosting a dinner...

01/03/2018 . by Champion Homes

Bedroom Design – Creating a Restful Haven

There is something very special about selecting a home design that creates the perfect environment. This is...

20/02/2018 . by Champion Homes

6 Tips for Master Bedroom Style

There's always room for improvement, and this article will give you six great ideas for how to...

19/02/2018 . by Champion Homes

Top 7 Paint Colour Trends of 2018

Last year, in 2017 about 27% of Australians painted something in their home. That's over 3.7 million people! They're...

16/02/2018 . by Champion Homes

Feng Shui Tips to Bring In Good Energy to Your Home

Bringing good energy to your home requires careful planning and a good furniture layout. Here are a...

25/11/2017 . by Champion Homes

8 Trends that Bring Your Hobbies to a New Home

There are three ways that most people define themselves. What they do for a living, their relationships...

31/10/2017 . by Champion Homes

Home Decoration Ideas for New Homes

You have the home of your dreams, and the only thing left is to move in. While...

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