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Maximise your land value with Sydney’s duplex specialists.

Building a duplex is one of the smartest and most effective ways to build real wealth and secure you and your family’s financial future. By replacing your old home with two new ones, you can not only maximise the value of your land, you can also create a new source of cash flow.  


Building a Duplex can be a complex and challenging process, which is why it’s best to work with the Specialists. At Champion we’re proud to be Sydney’s Duplex specialists, with over two (2) decades of experience leading the way. 

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We provide an extensive range of quality designs, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect option for your plot and your pocket.

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We work with every council throughout Sydney and build on a wide range of block types than most other builders.

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Our dedicated Duplex Design Centre contains information on the latest Duplex building trends, with friendly staff ready to provide specialist advice.

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Our team of dedicated Duplex specialist provide expert support from start to finish

Our unique 5 step Champion Process is designed to make your Duplex journey as smooth as possible – learn more about that here.

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Find Your Perfect Duplex Home Design (Duplex Homes Sydney)

As one of Sydney’s major home builders we are constantly creating new designs.

Building a duplex means you get two homes on one block – perfect for growing families or the astute investor. We’ve been designing and building duplexes for over 20 years. Because of this we are proud to offer floor plans to suit varying block sizes and family needs.

There are numerous flexible duplex design options available. So, whether you’re contemplating single storey, double-story, two dwellings located next to each other, or an upper and lower level, the Champion Homes Team, as professional duplex builders, can help you find the ideal duplex house design plans to suit both your plot size and your pocket.

Duplex homes can be held under a single title deed or separate title deeds, offering choice and options to homeowners and investors. With limited land availability and upward market trends in and around Sydney and the greater Sydney areas, investing in duplex homes can be a wise investment.

View our spacious, modern, cleverly crafted and fully customisable duplex home designs at affordable prices. Or experience in person at our special Duplex Design Centre.

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