New Home. Same Address.

When it comes to knockdown rebuilds, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

If you want to change your home but keep your address, knockdown rebuilds are a fantastic choice. Not only can they be more cost effective than a challenging renovation to your existing home, but you also get the added benefit of choosing the perfect home design for your taste and your lot, with the confidence that comes from using all-new materials and warranties.

It’s also fair to say that knockdown rebuilds can be quite an adventure to manage, given there are so many factors to consider:

  • The specific characteristics of your lot
  • Navigating the required council regulations and permits
  • Finding the right home design for your lot and your style
  • Managing the demolition of your existing home
  • Properly handling the removal & site preparation stage
  • Ultimately, constructing your new home

With that in mind, we developed our comprehensive Champion 8 Step Knockdown Rebuild Process to make your experience as smooth as possible, giving you the support you deserve from start to finish. It’s important to understand that every knockdown rebuild project is different. As such, we recommend using this information as a guide only, giving you a better understanding as to what may be required and an overview of some of the key steps in the process. The specific approach will ultimately be based on your project and your priorities.

Champion 8 Step Knockdown Rebuild Process

Step 1

Specialist Consultation

Step 2

Site Inspection

Step 3


Step 4

Contract Drawings & Building Contract

Step 5

Selections at the Champion Style Studio

Step 6

Prepare Reports & Submit Council Application

Step 7

Development Consent & Construction Certificate

Step 8


Let’s get Started.

Specialist Consultation
Site Inspection
Drawings & Contract
Style Selections
Reports & DA Submission
DA Approval

Step 1 Specialist Consultation

Let’s get started.

To get the ball rolling, first you’ll meet with one of our friendly knockdown rebuild specialists for a series of free, no-obligation discussions about your project. We’ll use these consultations to better understand what you’re looking to achieve, holding multiple sessions to ensure a good understanding of the project in its entirety.

The initial assessment
  • Where you’re looking to build (and whether it’s an area we build in)
  • A heads up on any specific council requirements we’re aware of that are unique to your suburb
  • A basic discussion of your lot – things like whether it’s flat or sloping, if there are any obvious encumbrances, what the likely site preparation requirements will include etc.
  • Consideration on demolition & removal of your existing home – is this something you will want to arrange yourself, or would you prefer to use our services? For a limited time, we’ll knock down your existing home for only $5k
The logistics
  • Talk through our own build process to help you understand how it would apply to your project
  • Discuss your ideal project timeline, and how our build stages would line up with your desired finish date
  • Review council reports & application processes
  • Review your budget, factoring in typical costs for development approval, existing home demolition and removal, lot preparation, and the build itself
Choosing your new home
  • Discussion on what sort of home you’re looking to build – single storey or double storey, sizing, any specific features you’re hoping to include
  • Overview of our home offering, to help you understand the available design options, styles, and facades
  • Review of our in-house Draft capabilities, allowing for any custom updates to our designs to suit your specific requirements
  • Discussion on selections, upgrades, features – providing price guidance, exploring our options

What do you receive?


How much does it cost?


How long does it take?

2 hours per consultation(we typically complete 3-5 consultations)

Step 2 Site Inspection

Understand your land.

We assess your lot to understand the key information that will impact your knockdown rebuild project, assessing the factors outlined below.

  • The size of your lot – frontage and depth
  • Lot characteristics – is your lot sloping, what is its orientation, are there any trees that need to be considered, is there evidence of rock on-site?
  • Restrictions – are there any easements or setbacks to consider?
  • Existing considerations – are there existing structures like sheds or pools, how is the driveway positioned, do we need to factor in service connections like electricity, gas, or water?
  • Access – how easily accessible is your lot, is there sufficient on-street or off-street parking for trades and material delivery?

What do you receive?

Site inspection

How much does it cost?

Site inspection and tender preparation fee to be assessed based on the scope of works

How long does it take?

A minimum of 2 weeks

Step 3 Tender

Settle on your scope.

At this point we’ve had a chat about your lot, the house you’re hoping to build, your budget and timing goals. We’ve also given you details on where we build, and the common logistics involved in a knockdown rebuild project. The Project Tender comes with Concept Plans that include the below information.

Now we’re ready to finalise the Project Tender – a very important document, it brings together the key details and decisions made on the home you want to build with the realities of your lot and the council regulations you’ll need to adhere to. It also provides a build price.

The Project Tender comes with Concept Plans included that show:

  • Your selected home design positioned on your lot
  • Any custom design amendments you’ve made to this point in time
  • A summary of your desired inclusions or options to this point in time
  • Pricing for the build

What do you receive?

Project Tender


How much does it cost?

  • The cost to develop the Project Tender is included in the tender preparation fee already paid at Step 2: Site Inspection
  • Upon acceptance of the Project Tender, you’ll be required to pay a non-refundable tender fee to proceed with the project
  • This fee will be credited towards the final contract price when you choose to proceed with the build

How long does it take?

A minimum of 6 weeks

Step 4 Drawings & Contract

Define the details.

Now it’s time to convert the scope defined in the Project Tender into a contractual agreement between you and Champion Homes, accounted for in the form of Contract Drawings and the Building Contract.

Contract Drawings

These are the drawings of your proposed home, which typically include floor plans, elevations, sections, diagrams etc. In addition to identifying the scale of the drawings, they are intended to be clear and realistic depictions of the details of the agreed home design, and the associated works and materials required in order to complete the build. Importantly, banks or finance partners will typically require these drawings in order for you to obtain final financing – they can sometimes refer to them as Valuation Plans.

Building Contract

Using the building details from the Contract Drawings and the terms agreed to in the Project Tender, the Building Contract sets out the details of the contractual agreement between you and Champion Homes. It outlines the respective contractual obligations, and includes information as outlined below.

  • The build timeframe, including provision for delays and/or extensions of time
  • Pricing information and procedure for variations
  • The progressive payment schedule (this is often required by banks in order to obtain final financing)

What do you receive?

Contract drawings & building contract

How much does it cost?

Included in the non-refundable Tender Fee you’ve already paid

How long does it take?

A minimum of 6 weeks

Step 5 Style Selections

Select your style at the Champion Style Studio.

With the contract signed, now it’s time for one of the most exciting times in the project – selections!

At this stage, the focus is on adding your specific choices and details to the decisions you’ve already made. For example, your Project Tender will show that you’ve agreed to a Colorbond roof – now’s the time to pick specifically what colour and style you prefer. And with so many choices to make, it can be both exciting and a little daunting, which is where our Style Studio comes in.

At the Style Studio you’ll be assisted by a Champion colour consultant in making your new house a home, adding your own character and style with every choice you make. Visualise and select the colours, textures and finishing touches in everything from paint to stone surfaces, cabinetry to tapware, and appliances to flooring, all while choosing from some of Australia’s best loved brands including Caesarstone, Polytec, PGH Bricks & Pavers, Caroma, Smeg, Taubmans and Daikin.

Once your selections are all made, you’ll receive a Selection Summary showing the detail on your choices.


What do you receive?

Selection Summary

How much does it cost?

Complementary for up to 5 hours of Style Studio consultation time

How long does it take?

Allow 3 weeks approx. to complete selections and finalise your selection summary

Step 6 Reports & DA Submission

Prepare the paperwork.

With all of your selection choices made, it’s time to finalise the required reports and submit your development application. And when it comes to preparing the paperwork for your knockdown rebuild, there is a lot – the list of required documents may include:

  • Site Analysis Report
  • Design Plans (taken from the Contract Drawings)
  • BASIX Certificate
  • Soil Test
  • Shadow Diagram
  • Statement of Environment Effects
  • Landscape Plan
  • Contour
  • Materials and Finishes Schedule (taken from your Selection Summary)
  • Demolition Application (if we’re managing on your behalf)

What do you receive?

Development application lodged with council

How much does it cost?

Included in the non-refundable Tender Fee you’ve already paid

How long does it take?

The time required to lodge will vary with the complexity of the build

Step 7 DA Approval

We make it easy.

With the Development Application submitted, we oversee the application review and approval process on your behalf with the Council. That means that if they’ve got any questions or requests for additional information they come to us first, where we’ll do everything we can to answer their questions.

Once the Development Application is approved and we receive Development Consent then, subject to development consent conditions and requirements of builders engineer, we order the construction certificate.


What do you receive?

Development consent and construction certificate

How much does it cost?

Included in the non-refundable Tender Fee you’ve already paid

How long does it take?

The time required to obtain development consent and a construction certificate can differ greatly from council to council and is impossible to predict with any accuracy

Step 8 Construction

Time to start building!

The final step in the process is also one of the most exciting – with all of the documentation and approvals completed, it’s time to start building. As long as demolition and removal of the existing premises has been taken care of (we can we help with that too if needed), at this stage you’re good to get going.

New home. Same address.

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WHS Compliance Officer/Administraton

In this role you would be responsible for attending building sites and meeting with sub-contractors to ensure all paperwork is complete, in order, up-to-date and compliant as well as undertaking all associated administrative duties.

You would start and end the day in the office and have access to a company vehicle for site visits.  Our head office is located within proximity of M7/M5 junction, at Hoxton Park.

To be successful in this role you –

  • Have previous experience in a role involving Health & Safety
  • Ideally have had exposure to a construction/trade or similar background.
  • Are an excellent communicator, able to deal effectively with a wide range of people
  • Are comfortable with undertaking all associated administration including updating registers, updating and maintaining documentation etc.
  • Have excellent follow up skills.

If you have relevant skills and experience and would like to find out more about this opportunity, call Rachel Groth direct on 0417 237 748 or email