Dual Occupancy Home Builders Sydney

Dual Occupancy Home Builders Sydney

Duplex Home Builder Sydney

If you’re looking for a property investment that can maximise the value of your land, then Champion Homes Duplex Builders can build your dream.

Champion Homes have been designing and building duplex homes in Sydney for over two decades and have a wealth of experience helping home owners get the best value from their property.

A New Home & Income

Champion Homes are duplex specialists.

Duplex (or dual occupancy) construction is a low-cost way of adding value to your existing home site as well as increasing house density in established older suburbs of Sydney.

Champion Homes have design options that help transform a house into a home and our specialist team has a wealth of expertise and experience to guide you through your project.

Visit Our Duplex Design Centre

Book an appointment to see our new Champion Duplex Design Centre. This dedicated display centre showcases all of the latest duplex building trends. We will show you how to create both a new home and a new income by building two separate homes on a single lot.

Champion Homes are Duplex home specialists who have for many years helped Australian working families maximize their properties’ potential by building a duplex on their land.

Unlock the potential value of your land.

With land becoming increasingly more valuable, we have created The Duplex Design Centre, one of the first of its kind. The Centre showcases all the latest duplex trends and gives you a number of options, unlocking your block’s full potential by creating two contemporary dwellings on a single lot.

A Champion Homes duplex consists of two attached dwellings on a single allotment of land.

Subject to council approval, your duplex home may be subdivided as either Torrens or Strata title.

Champion Homes Puts You Ahead of the Game

Champion Homes was one of the first major builders to recognise this trend and has over the years helped duplex builders (home and land owners) maximise their investment by building duplex homes in a wide range of Sydney suburbs.

Our experience in duplex home building is second to none. This has enabled us to help families and investors to maximize the advantages of their site for duplex construction.

Book an appointment at our new Duplex Design Centre and discover how to get the most from your property investment.

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